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Ambulance Evacuation

R 100 000.00 MEDICAL EVACUATION (Cover the costs of ambulance evacuations)

In the event of the member’s involvement in a medical emergency, the call centre will arrange and coordinate the Ambulance Emergency Medical Transportation or Helicopter Medical Evacuation.

The member will be transported to the nearest medical facility capable of providing adequate care.

Medical Advice

In addition to the general medical advice service, one call to the same number will trigger the call centre’s medical operators who will guide the member through a medical crisis situation, provide your member with emergency advice and organise for them to receive the support they need. This program includes referrals to crisis lines in case of:

  • Family and Domestic Abuse
  • Rape
  • Trauma
  • Child Abuse
  • Bereavement
  • HIV
  • Suicide Hotline
  • Poison Hotline

Bereavement Cover

This  provides a R 10 000.00 Bereavement Cover to the Main Member and the Spouse, and R 5 000 Bereavement Cover per child on the policy with a maximum of four children. This will be paid directly into the nominated beneficiaries bank account.